About Us

Slow Knight is a men’s premier underwear and swimwear boutique. We are also developing a bespoke men’s leather and fetish wear line, tailor-made in Portland, OR. We believe that underwear is the first piece of armor a man puts on every day – and should be treated as a question of importance.

We supply underwear and swimwear for men of all shapes and sizes because EVERYONE should be comfortable (and f*cking sexy) in their skivvies or jock, or trunks, or whatever.

We deal confidently with suppliers of premium men’s underwear and swimwear and only offer the best that we have found to our customers. Our value is our customer’s opinion of us – and we take your needs seriously. Special order? Need it quick? Let us know – we are bespoke for a reason.

And a little about ourselves...

Christopher Williams is an entrepreneur with over 6 years experience running his own consulting firm, as well as experience in developing an app-based venture in San Francisco in 2013. His 5 higher education degrees (2 B.A.s, 2 M.A.s, and a JD) have given him extensive exposure to business and management theory. Most importantly though, Christopher is an effective and efficient manager, expediter, and communicator. Christopher serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Slow Knight.

Raymond Riddering graduated high school in 1986, and holds a degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade Community College in 1989. He worked from 1989 to 1992 for Wilson Sporting Goods in Miami Lakes FL and was a customer service specialist under four salesman for the entire store. From 1992 to 1995 he served as a CFO for a non-profit in Miami. FL for an HIV/AIDS community service organization. From 1995 to 2000 he served as a law clerk. Raymond returned to retail in 2000 as a store manager for all retail at the custom t-shirt shop Don’t Panic in San Francisco, CA. His sales goals at Don’t Panic exceeded 20% per annum for the four years of his employment there. Raymond lives in Sacramento, CA, with his partner. Raymond serves as Chief Financial Officer of Slow Knight.

Billy Wheeler is our newest addiction to Slow Knight. He joins us with over 10 years of clothing retail experience. 

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