Introducing  Billy Wheeler, Brand Manager

Introducing Billy Wheeler, Brand Manager

Published by Billy on Jun 7th 2019

I join Slow Knight with over 10 years of clothing retail background and I am a native of Portland. I have worked for companies like H&M, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Gap, and I recently worked as a Design Project Manager for a home staging company. With my experiences in merchandising, styling, and designing I was more than ecstatic to join Slow Knight in the market I call home.

I’ve always dreamed of leading an apparel company. I’m excited to create and design styles that resonate. What you choose to wear literally creates your personality. This personality is your armor for everyday life and with the right armor, you are capable of taking on any challenge.

Slow Knight’s development depends on our ability to inspire our customers to be comfortable with who they are and provide them with a platform to experience what they have never experienced before. Portland is my home and I know it well. I’ve watched Portland change in the last 10 years, losing its weirdness and sense of community. We are witnessing the consequences of gentrification, and it’s hard to see the magic of Portland fade. I want to build Slow Knight as a hallmark of what truly keeps Portland weird: being ok with operating outside the lines.

Come find us at Northwest Pride near the bathrooms….where the pigs play ;)

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